Welcome back, Councilmembers

The Chapel Hill Town Council will have a packed agenda on Monday at their first post-summer meeting. After today you can see the agenda online. Here's a run-down from the Town's e-mail update list:

- Castalia at Meadowmont
The Council will consider a special use permit application that proposes to construct a building with office space and dwelling units on a 4.2-acre site that is located in the Meadowmont development, at the intersection of West Barbee Chapel Road and NC Highway 54, across from the Hilltop Condominiums.

- Changeable or Moveable Signs Outside of the Town Center Zoning District
In response to a petition from business owners, the Council will review options regarding changeable/moveable signage outside the Town Center, including whether to expand sandwich board use to other commercial areas; to expand sandwich board use to commercial areas with sidewalks on both sides of a road and speed limits no greater than 25 miles per hour; or to make no changes to the existing sign regulations.

- Community Bicycle Loan Program
The Council will receive information about a proposed bicycle loan program proposed by Students United for a Responsible Global Environment (SURGE) in partnership with the ReCYCLEry.

- Traffic Calming Recommendations
The Council will consider the use of up to $31,500 of 2003 Sidewalk and Street Improvement Bond funds for the installation of speed tables at Mallette Street, Lancaster Drive and Palafox Drive. In a separate agenda item, the Council also will consider various traffic safety improvements totaling about $7,000 for the Coker Hills West neighborhood.

- Funds for New Buses
The Council will consider a project budget to acquire three replacement buses for Chapel Hill Transit at a cost of $894,578. Chapel Hill Transit operates a fleet of 86 buses ranging in age from four to 19 years old. The national standard average fleet age is seven years. The majority of funds for the purchase would come from a Federal Transit Administration grant.

- Funds for Alcohol Education and Enforcement Efforts
The Council will consider acceptance of $8,833 from the Orange County Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board to enhance the Police Department's alcohol education and enforcement efforts.


Total votes: 80


This is the new town manager's first meeting, right?

The meeting agenda can be found at

Tentative agendas are posted in the same format.
Available agendas for 2006 can be viewed at http://townhall.townofchapelhill.org/agendas/2006/

This includes tentative agendas (usually 2 weeks in advance, give or take a few days), draft agendas (usually Thursday PM or Friday AM before a Council meeting), and agendas (posted by noon on the Friday before, often updated by 5 PM that Friday).

Thanks Bill for pointing that simplification of where to find
the agendas - now if the sub-items could follow the same path-like structure?

I noticed a number of old minutes have broken links - maybe they're getting rationalized?

They do, after a fashion. All of any agenda item is within a single directory.

But agenda items are very heterogeneous: some I can convert to HTML, others are PDFs. Some have cover memos, others do not. Some can be deconstructed into logical components, others not necessarily.

I've kicked around different ideas about how to deal with that, but haven't arrived at an acceptable solution.

As far as broken links go, please email me any you find and I'll resolve them as quickly as I can.


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