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The people who frequent this blog need no further encouragement to vote on November 7.

However, if you know someone who doesn't really know who's running in Orange County's elections, or can't distinguish between Mark Martin the Supreme Court candidate and Mark Martin the NASCAR driver, please consider directing them to a new web site, www.yallvote.com.

The site contains a comprehensive list of web sites for candidates running for North Carolina state and local offices. For example, the Orange County page has candidate links for competitive races for County Commission, Sheriff, Superior Court, House District 54, and Senate District 23. Other features include links to voter registration forms, a blog to debate voter turnout issues, an "Election Alarm Clock" reminder, and other links to relevant sites.

www.yallvote.com is non-partisan, non-commercial (i.e., we accept no advertising and collect no revenue) and does not support a particular candidate or ideology.

After an abysmal voter turnout for the May primary (including just 13% in Orange County!), I hope this site will help in some small way come November 7.



I would not be so sure that we all know all about this election or that we all are going to vote.

The Local Dems are doing an awful lot of work to get some basic information about candidates into the public's hands.

Can you help? yes. Contact the HQ:

to help with a variety of work that is focussed on getting info out and voters out. We even have a job board on the web:

The importance placed on voting in this country, particularly by democrats, has to be challanged. It is not enough that we choose a leader and then let them do their bidding with back door deals and un-representative actions. A representative government, without accountability, is no better then a monarchy. As long as we continue to choose people to tell us what to do, poverty and oppression will continue, because our representative democracy is poverty and oppression, poverty of justice and oppression of the people's true voice.

Wether 12% vote for a leader or 99% vote for a leader, they will continue to be our leader and will not be doing the people's bidding. So stop wasting time telling people to vote, they know it is not important becuase they know that ultimately it is not their voice.

We think we are free in this country becuase we have our choice of leaders. Don't you see how silly that is?

Andrea is one of the hardest-working people in the Orange County Democratic Party. Please sign up to volunteer.

If you join the OCDP, you will become part of what kos calls a long-term movement. The OCDP has made a wonderful start down this path: for the first time in my memory (I've been here since 1980) the OCDP has a year-round headquarters. This results from local efforts to improve and reinvigorate the Democratic Party.

There is also movement on the state and national fronts. North Carolina has benefited from Howard Dean's 50-state strategy: four organizers paid for by the DNC are here (I have met with one); the NCDP under the direction of Jerry Meek is paying their transportation costs. People from Orange County are traveling to other counties to help them get better established.

-- George

BTW, I believe that voter turnout is better than the numbers we see reported. This is because the process of removing voters from the list of active registered voters is very slow. I'm not sure what starts the process, but at some point the Board of Elections will notice that someone has not voted and will send mail to their address. The BoE will wait for two presidential election cycles (do the math) before deactivating a voter. In my precinct, for example, many people who have left are listed as active registered voters. Surprisingly, they don't vote here.

And while you're thinking about voting, please consider signing our petition at BlueNC.

Thanks for your consideration.


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