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After I watched Mark Barrosso's kick-ass video (thanks, Dan) about the "Yes Men" of Chatham County, offered me a related link to another regional political video. It was segments of Republican challenger Colonel Steve Acuff during a recent debate with Democratic incumbent Congressmember David Price.

I managed to find the entire 75 minute video (that shows Price as well as Acuff) on Google Video and thought I'd share it here (in spite of the fact that it has Acuff's URL in it):

If anyone has the patience to watch the whole thing, let me know how it ends. ;-)

By the way, Acuff has a blog (hint, hint) and his supporters are not above abusing cats to promote his campaign. (Why his campaign site had a link to that last clip, I can't understand.)



Did anyone else watch the video? No one seems to think Acuff has a chance, but Price sure is a snoozer. Acuff's flat-earth approach doesn't venture so far into Vernon Robinson bizarro-fascist territory, he seems to have watered it down enough to appear as an earnest, blandly moderate wingnut versus Price's bland centrism.

Thank you Mark, that is good to hear. I am sure that the loudest shrill voices in Chapel Hill don't speak for everyone there. I don't think the military would set up something there if there was no potential.

Mark, are you familiar with the term "useful idiots" and how in history that term was used by some pretty opressive dictators.

I fear that many of the liberal voices don't seem to understand that if they win their battle that they will lose their freedom of speech along with their other freedoms that they now abuse freely.

Do you have any thoughts about the people that the Moslem tried to kill over there a few weeks ago? Do you know any of them?

Republican Commando Watch the Islam Obsession Video for FREE Online


You'll be happy to know that there will soon be a military recruitment station at 1502 E. Franklin St. This will make it easy for you to walk your talk.

I wasn't sure whether to post this here but I thought since a Muslim had not so long ago tried to kill a bunch of ya'll at UNC and since terrorism was discussed in the video that this might be acceptable.

Keep in mind that terrorism is not an enemy, it is a TACTIC that some enemies use.

The website has a link on the links page to the Obsession movie on Islam and its goal of the destruction of America.

It is very amazing and recommended for democrat, Republican, saint and sinner.

This one ought to bring us all back together as Americans!

Republican Commando

I hope folks will join me in my attempt to not feed the trolls (anymore - sorry). Especially when they are not using their real name, not progressive, and not from Orange County. ;-)

One of the topics of the debate was "earmarks", Mr. Price being for them and Mr. Acuff against them.


CAGW Names Rep. David Price Porker of the Month

Washington, D.C. Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today named Rep. David Price (D-N.C.) Porker of the Month for requesting a $750,000 federal earmark that helped pay for electronic arrival-time signs now being deployed at several bus stops in his district in Chapel Hill.

Full article at

I have heard, however, that a lot of the Chapel Hill folks like the electronic arrival-time signs.

I guess the question would be whether the signs were worth taking money from people at gunpoint (little "tax" referrence there).

Republican Commando

It's fine to call me a democrat, just don't call me a Democrat. Thanks.

Speaking of "Yes Men," one of the video's stars, outgoing commissioner Tommy Emerson, has made an uncharacteristically thoughtful response:

(I say "uncharacteristically," because he usually doesn't respond to anything, and rarely speaks. In the video he's the one with his mouth hanging open.)

Dear Ruby Sinreich,

Thank you for clarifying the liberal democrat position regarding communism. Such honesty is refreshing and I heartily commend you.

Republican Commando

Um, OK. I *wish* Price would like a proud progressive or leftist. If I thought he really sounded like a communist I'd be out campaigning for him instead of getting bored watching him tip toe to victory.

In response to your question:

I watched the whole thing. Acuff won pretty good. Price just rambled on the same old stale commie rhetoric.

I didn't like the cat thing either, but the cats didn't seem worse for wear. I hardly would call it cat abuse.

BTW, Price won some national pig award

Republican Commando


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