Vote, baby, vote

I slaved over a hot laptop for a few hours so we could (finally) bring you the updated Orange Politics 2006 Voter Guide. It's mostly links to the candidates and to other websites that did the heavy lifting of assessing and evaluating candidates.

It will continue to grow until the election, so please suggest other links and resources to be added. Maybe next year we can do this on a wiki...


Total votes: 54


Heads up on some video resources:

1) The 2nd Superior Court forum will air on The Peoples Channel (cable channel 8) this Friday 11/3 @ 8pm and Sat. 11/4 @ 8am and 2pm.

2) WUNC-TV has RealMedia-format video interviews on the Statewide judicial races here:

3) Podcasts on same race available here:

4) My Superior Court (raw) footage available here:
and here:

Go Artie go! I wish to express my support for Artie Franklin and all his awesomeness!


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