Hillsborough's growth boundary

I was pleased to read recently that the Town of Hillsborough is working with the county to develop plans for a rural buffer which will limit sprawl and guide development in areas where it's considered desirable.

Town elected officials and staff have been working with their Orange County counterparts and consultants all year to determine how large Hillsborough should grow and how the town and county can work together better along the boundaries. Under the plan, Hillsborough would have a rural buffer, an understanding with the county about what land eventually will be annexed into the town, and a limit on the expansion of water and sewer services.
- newsobserver.com | Hillsborough weighs future

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I'll be the first to admit that my understanding of Hillsborough's municipal issues is not the most sophisticated. In fact, I am quite confounded by the fact that the dark gray area indicating current town limits looks like swiss cheese south of the Eno River.

I'm curious to hear other folks' insights or opinions on Hillsborough's current and future city limits.



I think I live in the swiss cheese area (though it's hard to tell, because it's not quite detailed enough.) There are a handful of unincorporated neighborhoods south of town proper. I think some of the light grey east of S Churton between 40 & 85 is where the new mixed use development is going in. The bit north of 85? That looks sort of like the Daniel Boone Village area, or just behind it.

I'm not quite sure what my point is. Expanding town limits to include more people in the democratic process (voting for mayor, say) isn't all bad. Since we pay for city services as it is.

I also live in the "swiss cheese" area of Hillsborough - the cheese part rather than the holes.

The mixed use development being built south of downtown is called Waterstone and most of that land appears to be included in the dark grey area. It is the parcel between 86 and Old 86 that actually touches I-40.

Some of the other areas south of downtown that are within the town limits include the housing developments of Beckett's Ridge (where I live), GranView, Cornwallis Hills, and the shopping center that includes Home Depot and Super Wal-Mart.

It appears the largest hole is the area is behind Daniel Boone Village - known as the Collins Tract.

We're neighbors, Allan -- I live in BR, too. I wasn't sure whether we'd been incorporated or not; I recall a bit of controversy a few years ago. It's vague, because I wasn't paying too much attention to politics then.

Though when they were canvassing about Hampton Pointe & SWM, I think I was the only person to say "No, I don't want the WalMart. I'd rather have a movie theater." The lone voice of dissent...

Just to clarify a little more about Beckett's Ridge since we have a swarm of residents here :-)

Beckett's Ridge (a Centex Homes development) was approved by the Hillsborough Town Board in 1998 and has always been inside the city limits of Hillsborough. As such, BR residents pay Hillsborough taxes, Orange County taxes, and in-town Hillsborough water/sewer rates. We are also entitled to all town services and can vote for Mayor and Town Board just like the folks downtown.

The "swiss cheese effect" of southern Hillsborough (South of the Eno River) reflects the various visions of previous Town Boards and their priorities. The intent of the Strategic Growth plan is to create a broad idea of what can be developed in Hillsborough with consideration given to our finite resources. The map above represents a first step in an overall larger plan which will include a complete overhaul of existing zoning ordinances.

Many of the "holes" are not all undeveloped land. They just exist in Orange County's jurisdiction. For example, the Esquire Health Spa (otherwise known as "All Girl Staff") on I-85 is in Orange County while Hampton Pointe and the Meadowlands are within Hillsborough's city limits.

The "holes" that are undeveloped will not be so for much longer. There is an avalanche of infill development applications on the horizon such as the Collins Property behind Daniel Boone Village and the Truck Stop property on New-86.

Paul, I'm just curious, but how do you feel about the proposed strategic growth plan?


I am a member of the committee.

My opinion is the "Strategic Growth Plan" is still a work in progress and there is a lot more work to be done. There needs to be an internal study done on the areas within the current city limits and ordinances still need to be rewritten.

The current draft proposal of the plan can be viewed here.

I just came across this website and would like to inquire as to how anyone feels about the recent denial of the Hillsborough town board to deny the annexation of the property for the medical clinic on Old 86 (aka Old 86 Commons development)?


Avis Lloyd-Kimbel


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