Orange Activists Recognized

This week's Independent Weekly recognizes two Orange County residents (and a number of others in the Triangle) with their annual Ctizen Awards. The North Carolina Peace and Justice Coalition's Andrew Pearson ( ) and the People's Channel's Chad Johnston ( ) were both recognized. You can read about all five honorees at

Congratulations to both Andrew and Chad (and the many people involved in their respective organizations) for this recognition!



Very cool! I know both of these guys (Andrew since he was a UNC student) and they have both put a lot of hard work into improving or community and the world.

Well deserved.

Andrew has done a great job as a leading anti-Iraq War organizer & with the Internationalist.

When I mentioned to my son, who has been involved with the People's Channel for several years, that Chad won an activist award he said, "Active doesn't even begin to describe Chad."


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