Dec. 30 Edwards announcement in Southern Village

The John Edwards campaign staff is moving into offices in Southern Village. From Dec. 28-30, Senator Edwards will be holding rallies in five different states, culminating with a rally here in Chapel Hill on Dec. 30 at 4 pm on the Southern Village Green. This will be a very special announcement. It is free of charge but attendees need tickets in advance. For free tickets, please visit . For questions, folks may call an Edwards staff person at (919) 265-7394.

It is very exciting to have this announcement happening in Chapel Hill!

Rosemary Waldorf




Does anyone know or can anyone tell me how to find out where John E's event is going to be in New Orleans on the 26th? I'm going to be down there and would love to attend.

John Edwards has a speaking habit to correct ASAP if he's to sound presidential. He launches almost every statement he makes with preludes like "I just really think that ..."

Two examples: The night he won the senate race, he greeted his supporters in the hotel ballroom with "I just really want to say, candidly, that this is the best day of my life." The other day he told a reporter, "I've come to the conclusion that I just want people to see who I really am."

I just really frankly strongly believe, in all candor, that I'm not the only one who's noticed this. People like Jon Stewart are noticing too.

You're right, Catherine. I was listening to a podcast of his with Jimmy Carter this past summer, and what struck me most about the conversation was the deluge of "I think" or "I'm doing"; way too much "I", when what people crave is more "We".

Actually, I think the problem Catherine points out isn't the the "I" but the temerity of the language. I could do without the "...just really..." but I believe that I-statements (like my current sentence) are an important aspect of community building, and I prefer them to statements about others. It's better to own your own feelings than try to describe others'.

I hear lots and lots of "we" when Edwards speaks. Have you listened to him lately?

I have no problem with the 1st person singular, seeing as how it's a primary tool of self-expression. Edwards could clean up his "I" statements by saying "I will" / "I plan" / "I promise" without all the decoration.

Twice lately Ruby, at the rally in SV and on ABC on a Sunday morning interview. Much more 'we' at the rally. Maybe it has to do with the forum.

I have to admit, the Edwards Rally was my first, first hand experience at candidate speeches. I know, what have I been doing all my life... Overall I enjoyed it. The 1.5 hour wait was a bit long but then again I didn't have to come back from SC that day. I liked what he said about taking responisibility for our actions. Then was confused when he brought up global warming and depenency on foreign oil. He labeled it as a moral issue. Then he said even he was guilty of driving in cars that could be more fuel efficient. I then expected him to say what measures he has taken or begun to take to reduce his use of petro. Nothing. At another point, he admits that his family is doing well financially. I liked that he admitted it freely. But I didn't hear anything about how he and his family is reducing their "carbon foot print". If he is not, what message does that send others who are not doing as well financially? Is it wrong to expect some indication of leading by example?

I am hopeful people like Edwards can bring about change in the US. I also hope there will be details of how he expects to bring about change.

I think this was just a very preliminary event intended to have Edwards welcomed home after announcing his candidacy and generate a little local excitement about his campaign. I'm not sure this first event by its nature was the time to get into all of those details, but they will surely come forward in future events. I look forward to those events and hearing more about his plans for our country.


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