Donald Duck for Soil and Water?

I've been very impressed with the work done by the Orange County Board of Elections since its new director, Barry Garner, took over.

While I was managing Adam's campaign, they were always extremely fast in responding to information requests. Now they've taken what I believe to be the unprecedented step of tabulating and posting the write in totals for the Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor race, the full list of which you can see here.

Since no one really knows what the supervisors do and the races are nonpartisan, there are a lot of write in votes.

Some of the highlights:

Daffy Duck got a vote, but was far outpassed by Donald Duck who received four.

Jerry Garcia may have died over ten years ago, but at least a couple Deadheads think he would do a good job stewarding our natural resources.

Roy Williams received four votes, outpacing Mickey Mouse's three. A couple people must have preferred the choices in Chatham County since one of their candidates, Rich Hayes, got a couple votes in the OC.

Numerous local politicos and other notables got at least one vote, including:

-Aaron Nelson
-Allen Baddour
-Allen Spalt
-Cam Hill
-David Godschalk
-Dean Smith
-Dick Baddour
-Chancellor Moeser
-Joe Herzenberg
-Julie McClintock
-Mark Marcoplos
-Ralph Karpinos
-Robin Cutson
-Ron Stutts

Several candy bars got the nod, with votes for both Snickers and Milky Way.

National political figures including Ann Coulter, Bill Clinton, and Justice Scalia all got votes, and even Hugo Chavez got into the act.

Fictional characters including Barney, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Smokey the Bear, and Captain Planet all saw some support, as did Free Willy and one voter's cat.

Considering how seriously people take the election of this office, I think my support would go to the choice of at least one voter- 'Vacate Office.' I don't think the office should be eliminated but life would probably go on if it was appointed by the BOCC like Owasa is.

Anyway thank you to the BOE for giving me 15 minutes of amusement by tabulating and posting these- now get those campaign finance reports up online and I'll really love you!



Jello Biafra got a vote! Can't have enough Green/Anarchist/punks on the soil and water board.

Of all the write-in names, by far the best and most appropriate was "Rachel Carson".

I'm partial to "Smoky the Bear." After all, only you can conserve soil and water!

I make it a habit to write in Joe Herzenberg whenever possible.

I admit I just didn't vote at all. I know the Indy made an endorsement, but not voting in this is my protest for what really I have no business deciding on.

"I'm partial to “Smoky the Bear.” After all, only you can conserve soil and water! "

You mean "Smokey Bear"

No Allan, I put it in quotes because that's how it's spelled on the report. Don't know if that was how the voter wrote it or how the BoE wrote it.


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