Edwards campaign in Southern Village?

It was tucked deep in an Under the Dome item about Edwards hiring former Michigan Congressman David Bonior to be the manager of his Presidential campaign, but apparently it will be run out of Southern Village.

Chapel Hill's really hitting the political big time I guess! And Edwards' presence is already bringing celebrities to town, as Hardball will be hosted live from Memorial Hall next Tuesday.

Setting up shop in Chapel Hill and realizing the importance of hiring political help from Michigan in the same day make Edwards look pretty smart to me anyway :)




I heard that at the Town Hall Grill last week, but I didn't say anything because I reckon I'm usually the last to know anything. Anyway, the staff there seemed to think that the office would be directly above the Grill, and it would be quite a lot of space.

That space is great...because that means i just have to roll down the hill after spending all night volunteering.

It's way far from home for me (and from work in downtown Durham). But I may still find myself there on occasion ;)

It's in my back yard. You'lll be seeing me there once it opens.

I see the light at night up there, where it was always dark since they finished the building. Someone there is working, fixing the space.

Hmmm, it's not too far out of my way Bora and Robert ;-)

I'll make an Edwardsian out of you in the end, Will ;-)

Tweety in Chapel Hill - let's play Hardball!

A a part of the Hardball College Tour, Tweety will be in Chapel Hill on Tusday at the Memorial Hall, chatting for an hour with John Edwards. Tickets are free if you can come, or just watch on Tuesday night....

Is there some major legislation or policy that Edwards has championed and gotten results on that potential campaign volunteers should know about?

Does he have a position on the Iraq Occupation? Global climate change? Health care? etc. that might inspire local progressives to work for him?

I know anybody with a shred of a position will leave Barack Obomba in the dust, but what is the true substance of Edwards?

Hardball broadcasts live tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5 and again at 7 pm. Think Edwards will announce then? Obama made a big spash in New Hampshire yesterday, obviously testing the water.

Edwards did well yesterday. His best comment had to do with what he's learned about candidacy vs. presidency. Kucinich announced that he was going to announce yesterday, but apparently did not.

I thought Chris Matthews was rude and low-minded at best. I've never watched him before and pretty shocked. John and Elizabeth handled themselves well given the irrelevant and inappropriate comments by their host.

Over the past year and a half I've had the opportunity to meet Edwards and speak with him 3 times, all in different venues. The bottom line is that he IS extremely "approachable", (whatever that really means), speaks very much from his heart on the issues, and very much wants to serve his country and the people who live here. I honestly think he REALLY wants to run for president, but think that he also would be happy doing other things as he has since a year or two ago. He IS truly committed to his family, and have seen him being regular dad on several occasions. I think right now he is about ready to announce, but maybe is a little nervous in doing so? So maybe he is not QUITE ready....but when he does, he will go at it full force....I would love to see, and know that I will see, a strong volunteer network for him here in Chapel Hill. I know I will be there. And I am thinking that the HardBall episode was not the place nor the time to announce.

I agree - what sort of audience does Chris Matthews get at 5pm? Maybe that's where Denns Kucinich should announce, but JRE can get a broader audience than that. Still, it was fun being there (tickets from a friend at the last minute).


Anybody have any inside info on what type of furniture or window treatments Edwards' people will be installing in the new office?

The Edwards campaign does not want to be located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Chapel Hill has an appealing name and other helpful associations from a marketing point of view. Southern Village HQ seems oddly chosen, but we shall see.

Holy moly. I can't believe I somehow missed the Carla Babb brouhaha til now (I was actually searching for election coverage at the DTH).

Here's the N&O blog take:

I cringed at her description of Southern Village as the wealthiest neighborhood in Chapel Hill, but this all reflects quite poorly on the Edwards campaign.

Sorry, I remain annoyed at folks who build 28,000square foot mansions (and 6,000sq ft compounds) who offer sermons exhorting us to lower our 'carbon footprint': Maybe I'll only vacuum every OTHER time the cat shits on the carpet.


Joan, her story was 100% hack job. First she was obviously off base about SV being the wealthiest neighborhood in Chapel Hill (typical campus-based myopia) but then she points out that most campaign HQs are in cities like Washington that make Chapel Hill look like a bargain!

I don't know why the Edwards campaign overreacted (which was stupid), but the story doesn't even stand on it's own two feet. I wonder if it's purpose was just to provoke?

Edwards is the only major candidate that is taking on the corporatocracy. That puts him square in the crosshairs of the corporate media assassin's scope.

Mark, are you suggesting that Carla Babb is the assassin of the corporate media?


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