Local newspaper using blog effectively

Kudos to the News & Observer for using their blog to expand the information in the paper, and vice versa.

While all they had time to write was a "staff report" (excerpted below), they also encouraged readers to Learn more about Lot 5 before the Town Council takes action by including a link to their blog at the end of the story and posting the Town of Chapel Hill's full summary of issues document for download from the blog.

The town has released a draft copy of its contract with Ram Development Co. for a $75 million downtown redevelopment project.

The town is partnering with Ram to build an eight-story condominium and retail complex on the site of a municipal parking lot along Church Street between West Franklin and West Rosemary streets.

If the Town Council approves the contract next month, the town would pay $7.25 million -- nearly 10 percent of the project's total cost -- to purchase 161 underground parking spaces that would replace 173 surface parking spots currently on the site.
- newsobserver.com | Chapel Hill releases downtown contract, 1/30/07

Well done, Mark Schultz & co. Keep it up!



The version of the contract that N&O has saved off on it's site is a collection of scanned pages.

It took some time for me to assemble a regular PDF version of the draft agreement, but it's up on the Town's site, as of about 5PM today.

Can't find news of last night's Board of Aldermen meeting in the News or N&O? The N&O's Orange Chat blog has two briefs by reporter Meiling Arounnarath. This is a great addition to the N&O's coverage. I just hope folks in Carrboro know to look for the stories there.


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