Petition Process

Can anyone help me find documentation on the formal petition process in Carrboro and Chapel Hill?

I've looked at the town websites and must be missing something obvious (or not so.....)




In Chapel Hill, all you need to do is write to the Council at or just show up and sign up to speak at a meeting. I presume it's similar in Carrboro.

Here is the link on how to submit a petition from the Town of Chapel Hill website

In case it does not work -- from Town home page go to departments, then Town Clerk, then documents, then 'how to submit a petition'

Ruby is correct, you can also just show up and present your petition, the disadvantage is the Council does not have it in their agenda packet.

It's usually best to get the petition in to town hall,
most easily by email, by the Tuesday before the
next Monday meeting. That way it will be included in
the packet for the council and the media.
This accomplishes two ends: to allow councilmembers
to think about it in advance, and,
depending upon the subject, you may get some press
coverage in advance. If you do this, you won't have to read
the petition verbatim, rather you can highlight it,
and if the council desires, it may ask you questions
about it, and that time won't count against your
three minutes. A petition is marketing, and you
need to garner all the support you can, and a few
minutes on TV can be very helpful if used well.


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