Do you feel lucky?

Well do ya, punk?

In past there has been some discussion of doing an NCAA pool for OP participants.

Are y'all interested? If so, do you recommend an online service to manage it? Some that I've found include: Yahoo, Facebook (requires registration), ESPN, and a variety of others sites that are more expensive and less well-known.

I wonder if any of these include the women's bracket? That could be a problem for me 'cause I always pick UNC to win.


I'm game. Usually use Yahoo myself, but I don't see a women's bracket there.

Speaking of basketball:

If UNC beats archrival Duke in men's basketball Sunday, town and university officials want fans to celebrate -- but safely.
If the town had its way, there would be no bonfires. But it tolerates them as long as they're small and in the middle of the street, Chapel Hill Fire Chief Dan Jones said.

Also: "[The Director of the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center] doesn't remember seeing celebratory blazes after UNC won the national championship in 1982."

Maybe not, But I remember seeing people in the clinic the next day who had bottles thrown at their heads. Sports-induced insanity is nothing new.

Shoot! I thought this thread was gonna be about lines from Clint Eastwood movies. Oh well. I'm game too, Ruby, but I have no experience with the online sites.

A man's just got to know his limitations.


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