Carey throws in his hat for 2008

I just received an announcement (from Mildred D. Robertson of BTA Public Relations in Raleigh, yuck) that Orange County Commissioner Moses Carey is announcing his campaign for State Senate in 2008. This is a bold (some might say "premature") move that I think must be intended to scare others out of the race. In fact the incumbent, Senator Ellie Kinnaird, has not even formally announced her own intentions.

County Commissioner Mike Nelson has made no secret of his interest in this Senate seat. But there are rumors that Ellie would very much like to be suceeded by a woman, so she may decide to hang on if there is no palatable (to her) challenger. Personally, I like both Mike and Ellie a lot and have supported both of their campaigns, but I think there is some residual resentment left over from the days when they were both elected officials serving the Town of Carrboro.

Update: After I posted this I saw that Orange Chat also blogged Carey's announcement. Except all they actually did was cut and paste his press release. Nice reporting, y'all.



FYI: He was "out" at the recent Larry Kissel fundraiser over at Jim's house. BTW, Larry is a great candidate for the US NC 8th. More info here.

Though she has put her sign out in front of her house.

Ellie has stated this is her last term and I doubt she will change her mind, although anything is possible in politics.

Carey v. Nelson would be a very interesting primary. Add in a woman candidate as Ruby mentions above (Ellie also told me she would like to see a woman replace her) and you'd have a real barnburner.

And what about Bill Faison? Might this not be a opportunity for him too? And if he did run for Senate, that would open his House seat.

And I want to echo what Will said about Larry Kissell, he is a great candidate!

I have heard that Faison considered and then decided against it. Doesn't mean he can't change his mind of course.

The Person County DA Joel Brewer is also a potential candidate. My main worry is that so many southern Orange progressives will run that a more conservative Democrat will be able to eak out 40% and win the primary. I hope my concern is unfounded.


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