Celebrate localism !

As you intelligent readers know, free and fair media is essential to a funtioning democracy, and self-expression is essential to a healthy society. We are fortunate to have The People's Channel here in Chapel Hill who have been doing a great job with minimal resources to keep the airwaves open to residents for whatever we might need to say and do.

That's why I am thrilled to support their upcoming event "A Celebration of Localism" which will highlight the importance of "keeping it local" and also raise badly needed funds for The People's Channel. TPC's Director Chad Johnston has been a strong voice for independent and locally-produced media both here and at the state and national level. We're lucky to have a resources like him in our community.

I think it's great that the event being done with the support (and hosting!) of the Preservation Society. They are also about localism, but in a different way than many of us think of it. I hope to see you there!



Hey folks,
Just wanted to give an update on this really cool event! Food and drink will be provided by:
Benjamin Vineyard, Anathoth Community Garden from Cedar Grove, Cane Creek Farm Pork, Yugela's treats, Matthew's artisan chocolates, Sari Sari Sweets, The Farmer's Daughter, Curryblossom Creations (Vimala's food). Now if food wasn't enough to entice you, check this out!
Local artist Tama Hochbaum will be present to talk about her work, "The Way I See Us: Family Portraits" currently hanging in the Horace Williams house.
AND, Alan Toda-Ambaras will be playing cello...if you don't know Alan, you're in for a surprise! Here's a bit from his bio:
"Alan's performances have gained enthusiastic reviews. In Paris, he “touched the public and the jury” (musique.france2.fr). The Washington Post noted that Alan “has the poise of a seasoned performer” and “showed off his strengths convincingly in the demanding repertoire.” And another critic declared that Alan's playing “proved remarkable by any standard. . . . Toda-Ambaras is worth seeking out and hearing.” And I might add, he's only 16!
So come on...eat some great food, drink some wonderful wine, and support local media and arts!
Hope to see you there!
Chad Johnston
The Peoples Channel

Thanks for the update Chad. If you get a chance, Vimala's food alone is worth the recommended contribution.


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