Carrying a grudge

Maybe this is why local politics has so many personality problems:

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to forget your most embarrassing and most painful memories?

It's not just your imagination -- UNC psychology professor Keith Payne says those memories really do seem to be harder to forget.
- WCHL 1360 - UNC study finds bad memories do last

Actually, I am starting to forget some of those crazy things the Indy said about me in 1999, so maybe there's hope yet. ;-)



I don't know Ruby, Columbia Prof. Wallace Sayre famously said "Academic politics are so bitter because there is so little at stake." (Often misattributed to (Patrick Moynahan or Henry Kissinger.) And others have adapted that to student politics and for that matter local politics. But if you look at the crap that Rove and company have pulled on both John Kerry and John McCain, you'll see that politics can get ugly at every level.

Rove was accused of cheating in student elections, if you believe the lore ...

calling someone "out", when afterwards, everyone can go home
and eat dinner with their families, is the limit of UNC's academicians bravery.


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