WCOM Musical Debate

I do a weekly show on 103.5 WCOM if you want to listen to the stream where I oftentimes have a guest DJ. During the peak campaign season I will feature all the Carrboro candidates to be my guest DJ's in a "musical debate." Here is the schedule:

Sept. 1: Katrina Ryan & Chuck Morton
Sept. 15: Joal Hall Broun & Sharon Cook
Sept. 22: Dan Coleman & Mark Chilton
Sept. 29: Lydia Lavelle & Frank Abernathy
Oct. 13: Brian Voyce

What do our candidates listen to?



Tom, this sounds very intersting! Congrats on getting all nine candidates to participate.

Can you explain what a musical debate is? Is it just about candidates playing DJ and sharing their tastes? Or do they have to play songs that express their political positions? In what way is this a "debate?"

Based on the bizarre ravings and mean-spirited writings of Voyce, it's hard to imagine listening to his musical selections. I'm thinking maybe a cross between Ted Nugent, Charlie Daniels, and Glenn Beck (no relation to Jeff).

The Candidates will play what they want to. They don't have to play songs that express their political position except for example "Stones versus Beatles"

I guess I'm too young to understand the implications of a Stones vs. Beatles debate. How about Outkast versus the Coup?

Once again the debate coin flips against me. Not only do I have to face the musician, but I am hobbled by the fact that I am a product of the 80's. Flock of Seagulls anyone ?

Looking forward to the playlists.
Tom, what time is your show and does it have a name?


The name of the show is called The Placeholder show. I oftentimes am the DJ for the first 1/2 hour and then I turn it over to a guest DJ for the last 30 minutes. This time the Alderman/Mayoral candidates will be my placeholders. I'm sacrificing my 1/2 to have two candidates at a time except for the Oct. 13th show.

Katrina, I'm down with that. In my day, the great debate was Duran Duran versus Spandau Ballet, but there was never any competition in my mind. I still love Duran Duran (and the B-52's and Devo and lots of other great stuff from the 80's). ;-)

I will be out of town for this first round. Anyone up for recording these shows and posting MP3s?

The Placeholder show is on from 5 to 6pm on Saturdays.

Today's the first day of the debate !! Tune in 103.5 FM at 5:00.


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