Social Justice Groups Announce Endorsements

Two groups with an eye for social justice announced their endorsements yesterday.

The Hank Anderson Breakfast Club describes itself as a group of Chapel Hill/Carrboro community leaders that has met regularly every Saturday morning for over 20 years to discuss and influence the public policy decisions made by local governments that affect African Americans in this area. The Breakfast Club's endorsements are important to those voters who do not have the time to stay current with the civil rights struggles that are so important to racial minorities here.

The Friends of Affordable Housing is a non-partisan Political Action Committee that has been active in selective elections within Orange County during the last 10 years. The organization was first organized to support the Orange ballot for Affordable Housing Bond Money. The committee has also periodically sent questionnaires to candidates running for Orange County Commissioner and Chapel Hill Town Council.

In Chapel Hill the two organizations agreed, endorsing Kevin Foy for Mayor and Sally Greene, Cam Hill, Bill Strom, and Jim Ward for Town Council. This quintet has received all three endorsements issued so far- these two and the Sierra Club.

In its release the Friends of Affordable Housing stated "We appreciate all Mayor Foy and incumbents Sally Greene, Cam Hill, Bill Strom and Jim Ward have done to increase affordable housing options in our community. We support their continuing efforts as elected officials to address these complex issues."

Only the Hank Anderson Breakfast Club made picks in Carrboro and for the School Board race.

In Carrboro it chose Mark Chilton for Mayor, and Joal Broun, Dan Coleman, and Lydia Lavelle for Alderman positions. These also mirror the Sierra Club endorsements.

For the School Board it picked Annetta Streater, Jamezetta Bedford, and Mia Burroughs.

The Hank Anderson Breakfast Club interviewed the candidates on October 18th in the Second Baptist Church Annex and then studied carefully their responses in the interviews and written responses that were submitted from a questionnaire.

The much coveted Indy endorsements come out tomorrow.



Tom, thanks for the info. Did they share any information about why they chose particular candidates? Or just the actual endorsements?


The Friends of Affordable Housing have a guest column about their picks that I think will be running in the papers sometime before the election. I put pretty much everything I have from the Breakfast Club in the post.

Tom, I have never heard of this affordable housing group before. Where can I find out more about them?


Their spokesman is Rich Leber.

Here is the OP post from when they issued their endorsements in 2003:

More on Affordable Housing folks here.

Just wanted to let y'all know about a candidate forum this Saturday. The candidates for town council and mayor will be asked about critical issues facing Chapel Hill at the forum on Saturday, October 27 at 3:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the Chapel Hill Public Library.


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