Buy Nothing Day & Lisa Garmon dedication

On Friday, 23 Nov 2007, Internationalist Books & Community Center will host Buy Nothing Day. Popular media call the Friday after Thanksgiving "Black Friday" because retail sales are huge. In response, many community centers have offered a Buy Nothing Day alternative. Instead of hoping to find happiness in materialism, they hope to remind people that some amazing things can be free (or shared, or passed on): skills, knowledges, friendship, conversation, food, etc.

Internationalist Books will sell nothing on Friday, but we will be open for open workshops and skillshares, 11am-4pm. On the front patio, we will have a table of nicely used clothes for trade/giveaway/additional donations. From 12noon-5pm, we will host a potluck. Please stop by the store and bring used clothing, food, family, friends, and yourself.

At 4pm, we will officially dedicate our Lending Library to long-time activist and supporter Lisa Garmon. We share wonderful memories of her, and she indelibly changed the lives of many in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and UNC. Please join us for our dedication to her life, her work, and her honor.

Contact: 919.942.1740 /



I love the "buy nothing" concept. I've been trying to explain this "Black Friday" concept to my friends overseas, much to their confusion. If you try to find an example of "panic" buying in American culture, "Black Friday" tops the list.
If you do find yourself needing to make a purchase tomorrow, I hope, at least, it is from a locally owned business and not some out of state mega chain store.


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