Election 2007 Maps: Carrboro

Here is the first round of precinct-level maps for the Carrboro election. The complete set is available here. The maps below are based on unofficial results released by the Orange County Board of Elections on the afternoon of November 7. Much credit goes to my friend Brad for helping to put these together so quickly.

The first figure below shows the 8 precincts that now lie at least partly within Carrboro's municipal boundary.

In the mayoral race, we hardly need a map to tell us that incumbent Mark Chilton did well in every part of town, receiving 75% (Damascus) to 90% (Town Hall) of the vote in every precinct except Hogan Farms, where he received 55%. (I'm not counting the St John precinct here, because it contributed only 2 votes in the mayoral race.) Challenger Brian Voyce received 42% of the vote in the Hogan Farms precinct but did not receive more than 16% elsewhere. Challenger Chuck Morton had his best showing in the Lions Club and OWASA precincts. The maps below show the percentage of votes in each precinct for each candidate. (You can click on the individual maps to view larger, more detailed versions.)

In the alderman race, Lydia Lavelle received strong support throughout Carrboro. In addition to placing in the top 3 in Hogan Farms, she placed first in every other precinct. Sharon Cook and Katrina Ryan were also strong in Hogan Farms, but they took fourth and fifth positions elsewhere, leaving room for incumbents Joal Hall Broun and Dan Coleman to take the second and third positions in most precincts. (Again, you can click on the individual maps to view larger, more detailed versions.)

That should do it for my cursory overview. On to the comments...



Great maps. Very helpful and timely.


This maps are awesome Damon. Quite impressive. Thanks!


Are the base maps for the precincts available anywhere for free?

Ted, look at the precinct map that Damon made here: http://orangepolitics.org/elections-2007/#maps
There is a way to easily get the KML (map data) from Google and make your own as well (thanks to Damon's work putting it in).


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