Election Day video blogging

Another first, I have attempted a video blog! Sorry it's so long (16 minutes). I'll try to do better next time.
Update: here are three additional videos I made with my cell phone as the results came in this evening:



Nice work, Judy! This was a great distraction for the last hour of nail-biting, and fine re-cap of the campaign season.

Video quality surprisingly good.

Uh oh - the "Judy" meme is spreading! ;-) Unless you are the masked flyerer, Catherine...

Sorry, it ain't me babe. But you could pass for Judy any day.

I didn't really think it was you, Cat. In fact, I'm sure it's Leann Rocut, but I'm not sure if she really exists. I couldn't find an L. Rocut registered in Orange County, but that might be a nickname.

Ruby, this is intriguing. I hope you do more of it!

Katrina DID live legally in Carrboro. If she hadn't, she'd have been in violation of the election laws...and subject to perjury charges. (isn't there a case like that in Chatham right now?) RE her postulation on the expense of Lydia's mailing...she admitted that she was mistaken in the thread you are citing. Who is using hyperbole and mis-information now?

Pot--meet Kettle.

Other than your mis-information, I thought you did a credible job.

My DSL can't handle this file size so I was only able to watch up until you started talking about the CH incumbents. But it was interesting to me that you think they have limited growth. I have just the opposite impression. Did you say the same thing about the Carrboro incumbents?

I just posted 2 more videos at http://rubyji.blip.tv

How can one read the two Chamber write-ups and conclude that they see Kevin Wolff as the preferreed candidate over Kevin Foy? And how did the Chamber itself support Wolff financially?

Where are you getting this Ruby? Talk about making it hard to take something at face value!

Kevin Foy is seeking reelection to his fourth term as mayor of
Chapel Hill in order to complete a number of projects begun
during his time of service. On the whole, Mr. Foy is supportive of
the Chamber's interests, particularly with respect to panhandling,
relocating the homeless shelter and increasing the commercial tax
base. He would also like to see modifications to the public art
ordinance so that it is more practical for new development. Mr. Foy
is understanding of the university's position on Carolina North but
is concerned over how the project will affect the town's transportation
infrastructure. Mr. Foy is a pragmatic and articulate leader,
interested in partnering with the Chamber.

Kevin Wolff is an attorney running for mayor of Chapel Hill. Mr. Wolff is
supportive of some Chamber goals including the development of Carolina
North. He would like to see the town and university work more collaboratively
on Carolina North to ensure timely development of the project.
Before committing to expanding the commercial tax base, Mr. Wolff says he
would like to closely review the town budget as he believes it is not being
managed efficiently. Beyond this, Mr. Wolff does not support the Chamber's
objective of expanding commercial nodes outside of downtown as he
believes this kind of development is deterring residents from shopping on
Franklin Street. The Chamber found Mr. Wolff's stance on transit-oriented
development to be conflictive with the town's given that he would like
to see larger setbacks and less density in projects such as East 54. In the
aggregate, we find Mr. Wolff interested in Chamber objectives, though we
wish that he was more supportive of transit-oriented development and
commercial projects outside of the downtown.

I really enjoyed this "vlog" entry and I really hope to see more. A couple tips: When I edit something with jump cuts I like to steal a page from Errol Morris and put two frames of black in between shots. It almost seems like a "blink." That's just a personal preference.
Also, you may want to divide the video up into separate clips, especially if you get over the 10 minute mark. In this case it looked like you transitioned from Chapel Hill to Carrboro about half way through, so it would have worked nicely as two clips I think.
I offer these not as criticisms, because I appreciate your work, but just as advice to be taken or left as you see fit.

Great! I hope to see more of this from you!

Two tips:

(1) make faster cuts, (2) turn off the fan or whatever it was that was making the fan-like noise.


Not violating the letter of the law doesn't mean you haven't done something wrong or shady. I don't know enough about the facts of the matter to assert that Katrina did or did not do something shady, but your logic is flawed, even more so because you presume that lack of prosecution means that no crime was committed.


but your logic is flawed, even more so because you presume that lack of prosecution means that no crime was committed.

We seem to be getting a lot of that lately.

Fred, I got that info from Matt's add in the paper.

Well done, Ruby. This was a treat for those of us who are more visual and tire of reading text-heavy pages all the time. I hope you can find an application for this in non-election season.

Since we'll have access to the BOA meetings footage from other sources, maybe you could get some post-meeting interviews with citizens or aldermen? I'm sure you have some great ideas in mind for it. Technically speaking, it was impressive and I'd like to learn more about it. Even my slow connection from the soulless bloodsuckers at Hughesnet was able to handle it. Thanks for your diligence in covering the election results tonight.

Even though he was in last place a comment on the campaign of Frank Abernathy would have made your 16 minute analysis of the candidates more complete.

That's a good point, Tom. I think I actually forgot him as I was doing this off the cuff, which I apologize for. But if I hadn't, I'm not sure what I would say. Abernathy didn't really show up for the campaign.


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