Bring back 24/7 service at the shelter

Feeling charitable this solstice? The Inter-Faith Council, which provides critical support to some of our most vulnerable neighbors, had to roll back their hours due to lack of funding earlier this year. Thanks to a challenge grant, they are now poised to bring back 24-hour service, but only if they raise another $6,000 by December 31st.

You can donate to IFC online through Network for Good. Put "24/7 campaign" in the Designation field. If you care to mention in the Dedication field that you came from OrangePolitics, that would be a great way to let the IFC know how much we appreciate their work!

Your 24/7/365 gift will enable IFC to:

* Open Community House doors during weekday afternoons
* Develop essential services, create agency partnerships and quality support models for homeless persons
* Increase opportunities for referral/linkage services to other agencies
* Recruit and manage greater numbers of community volunteers
* Provide an accessible place for the sick or injured to recuperate and not be turned out into the street
* Enhance safety and efficiency of evening service including: intakes, toiletry dispersal, and medical clinics
* Offer a resource for PATH (street outreach) workers, agencies, police and congregations that wish to refer at-risk street persons to Community House facilities
* Prepare the IFC for moving the Men's Residential Facility to a new location

Please make a contribution online or click here for more ways to give. Happy solstice!


I just gave $25.


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