The Future of Education

I found this amazing video called Did you know?. It started as a powerpoint presentation given in a High School faculty meeting in 2006. Since then its estimated that its been seen by over 5 million online viewers. You can learn more about it at the Shift Happens wiki. This video is extremely powerful and speaks well to the challenges of education, work, and information in the 21st century.

So much so I felt my elected officials must see it. So I emailed it to the Chapel Hill Town Coucil, Mayor, and Manager and asked for their feedback. I really want to know what they think about this. I also want to know what you think. To get this conversation going and our minds moving I ask that you watch this video. (Its about 9 minutes) When you're done please leave your comments bellow. Here are a few questions that i'd like to read your answers to.

  • What are your initial reactions to what you saw in the presentation?
  • What kind of training will we need to move forward?
  • What do we think it means to prepare students for the 21st century? What skills do students need to survive and thrive in this new era?



Dr. Pedersen showed this video to all of the teachers in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools.  The video was the kick-off to our back to school convocation event.  It set the tone for a number other pieces of the event, including a keynote by Dr. James Johnson from UNC.  

Probably the most notable impact it has had is on our current strategic planning process.  There is definitely a consciousness about educating kids for the changing world.  I don't know whether any teachers have shown the video in their classes, but that would be great wouldn't it? 

My initial reaction is that our educational system has not and is not preparing our kids for the current ongoing breakdown in our ecology and our governance. To do so would be an overt challenge to the "capitalism on steroids" status quo. This slant - while interesting and worthwhile to consider - fits right into the current paradigm. Second reaction - all those booming numbers occurred primarily without the educational system. Peopel will just learn - if obstacles are removed. Mark Marcoplos (didn't know I was posting anonymously here)
"Chapel Hill Town Coucil, Mayor, and Manager"? How do they participate in education? How about the Boards of Education and Orange County Commissioners?

This is a "heap of broken images where the sun beats" with all apologies to T.S. Eliot.

At the end of the day, we would be better off reading Self-Reliance or Walden. Personally, I think the real problem is the lack of the humanities. The world will change. It always changes.

If we teach children how to think for themselves and to be responsible for themselves, then they will be fine.

Let's ask what we can do to educate our children and stop asking our government to do everything for us.

If we teach children to think and work hard, they will become leaders and problem solvers. That should be the goal for all educational systems.

This video starts the conversation, but let's ask ourselves what we can do to make it better, first.


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