Lt. Governor Candidate at Carrboro Town Hall this Monday!

Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Besse will be at Carrboro Town Hall this coming Monday night March 31, at 7:30 pm to meet Orange County voters and speak a little about his campaign.  Please come on out.  We will be in Room 100.

Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton will be on hand to welcome the current Winston-Salem City Councilman and Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate.

Dan Besse has been endorsed by the Progressive Democrats of North Carolina and the NC Sierra Club and has long been an advocate for the environment and social justice.  Please come hear how Dan plans to help create a better North Carolina.

To quote Dan's website: "I'm Dan Besse, and I'm running for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina because I have the experience to meet the challenges of our changing state, a demonstrated record of working for solid Democratic ideals of economic and educational opportunity for all, and a passionate commitment to combining growth and opportunity for our people with the stewardship necessary to keep our air, land, and water clean and productive."

See for more info on Dan Besse's Campaign.


Too bad this is at the same time as BlueNC's online gubernatorial debate! I hate having to choose. Maybe I'll come to Town Hall but bring my laptop...

BTW, you can go to to add this to our calendar of events as well.

Bring your laptop along--maybe we can suggest questions as we talk.


[I must preface this by saying that I lived in DC for almost my entire life until I moved down here right after the last election, so please forgive me when I ask...]

What does the lt governor do that's different from the governor? Why are they elected separately?

You may feel free to just point to a good website too...


That's not a dumb question. In NC, the Lt. Gov could be thought of as having a similar role compared to the Gov as the VP has to the Prez. The Lt. Gov presides over the NC Senate, and serves on a number of boards such as Board of Education, Economic Development Board, Rural Economic Development, Military Base realignment, etc.

By being elected separately from the Gov, the Lt. Gov can theoretically be from the opposing party.

All that said, I'd be willing to bet that fewer than 1 in 10 North Carolinians could actually name the Lt. Gov during any given electoral cycle that wasn't an election year.

By being elected separately from the Gov, the Lt. Gov can theoretically be from the opposing party.

Not just theoretically. From 1985-1989 there was a Republican Governor (Jim Martin) and a Democratic Lt. Gov, Bob Jordan.

Tonight is the night! Come to Carrboro Town Hall Room 100 at 7:30 to meet Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Besse!

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