The importance of educating ourselves BEFORE we vote...

With the Orange County School Board (OCSB) elections looming (among others), and the frustration of the last year lingering with many parents and concerned citizens, we have a real chance to make a change.

What say you – we always have that opportunity?

Yes, of course you are right – the right to vote is fundamental in our society. And a right we should willingly act upon at every chance.

So – I have a confession to make...

There is an extremely high likelihood that I voted for a much maligned outgoing member of the School Board four years ago. For those of you who have not attended OCSB meetings this past year, let me just say that this woman and I have VERY different viewpoints on the process of educating our children.

How did this particular vote come about? Well, mainly because I knew NOTHING about the candidates running and picked first based on gender (I’m a woman too), and then on name recognition and probably incumbency – which really didn’t do much good considering my son was 3 at the time and I had no concept of the power that a school board can wield.

This year, I will not make that mistake. I’ve met several of the candidates recently, and have read up on others. I will make an informed decision this year, rather than a lazy or hasty one.

I urge you to join me as we make decisions that will affect all of the children in Orange County Schools (and in the other races too). Look for opportunities to learn about our candidates and exercise your right to vote on May 6th.

Cheers, K



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