Carey in 2010

Did anyone else see the Moses Carey ad in Sunday's Chapel Hill News? (Pictured below.) It says "Please consider supporting me again in 2010."

Yes, he did just say that. By announcing his intent to run in 2 years, I assume that Moses hopes to scare off any other potential challengers. This will certainly put a crimp in Ellie's plans to recruit a woman to run for the seat. Even though Moses only got about a third of the vote this time, I think he would still be a strong candidate against a potential non-incumbent opponent.

Do I detect a Clinton-esque determination? 

Carey in 2010



Why does that mean he's trying to "scare off" anyone?  I take it to mean that he plans to seek the seat again, irrespective of who might or might not be running.  After all, it took courage to stay in the race this time and try to beat a popular incumbent.  BTW, when did the seat become a "woman's" seat?

Imagine the furror if some other incumbent openly declared that as a white male, they were only interested in relinquishing power to another white male. We're not far past the days when that was an open assumption. Yet, it's no more "progressive" to insist on any particular gender or race than it ever was. True equality is color and gender blind and not biased along those lines for any reason.

As for Moses Carey, his viability is entirely dependent upon who winds up being his opponent. The Hillary Clinton comparison is appropriate in that like Hillary, I'd expect Moses has made a roughly equal number of foes and friends. I would expect those that have a strong opinion about Moses Carey either pro or con not to be terribly swayed by more rhetoric. As with Hillary, he has a lengthy record to run on or against.

He has utilized some sleazy campaign tactics and accepted the support of some sleazy corporations.  I hope that we can keep that seat filled with a true progressive.
I suggest using eminent domain and siting the transfer station on Carey's property in Meadowmont. Then Moses can move and retire to some other state or country.

Coming from someone who doesn't even vote here in OC, its even funnier.


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