Where are Senator Clinton's People?

I like Senator Obama just fine, but one more phone call or doorbell ringing from his people and I'm ready to file a restraining order.

On the other hand, I have no mail, no phone calls and no knock-knock-knocking on my door from Senator Clinton's people. Other than lunch in February with a strong supporter of Senator Clinton, I have seen neither hide nor hair of the campaign.

Is this common throughout Orange County? Or is it just my neighborhood? Or demographic?






My voting district is Dogwood Acres 

John Rees

Clinton is clearly going after potential racists and the "working class" (translation: the not-so-bright) as her margin of success. She knows that there are a lot more of them outside Chapel Hill-Carrboro, so she's not focusing here.



>potential racists and the "working class" (translation: the not-so-bright) ... more of them outside Chapel Hill-Carrboro

Mark, is there any real point to broadly smearing entire segments of the population in a manner that smacks entirely of the elitist snobbery you claim to oppose?

Wow, Mark, you and I usually agree, but there are so many ways to read or misread this comment, I don't even know where to start.

I happened to be in Hyde County the day before the election and the day of, Obama did quite well. I encountered several people who had read both his books. 



Working class="not so bright"?

A real "man of the people" you are! 


I don't think that working class = "not so bright".


Hillary does. Just look at what she says and what she campaigns on. She wouldn't say the things she does if she wasn't trying to scoop up the dumb-asses.




Mark, I figured you were trying to be snarky about Hillary's campaign. But, here's the thing, it's not that we're so easily offended, it's that your words are offensive. Get over yourself. Admit some real error in communications  or be seen as yet another hypocritical poseur. The choice is yours.

There are a lot of us who are turned off to the Hillary campaign for many of the same reasons you are, who are quite taken aback by the idea that some loud voices would simply seek to employ classism to marginalize us. You're alienating allies.

Mike Swaim,

I think you need to step back and think about debating the ideas expressed here and not criticizing the people. I do this at the risk of being a "hypocritical poseur"... :) If you need clarity for something that you think is a bad or mis-communication then ask for it.


All I've heard are robo calls from the Clinton campaign. BTW Hillary this isn't a invite to bother me. I've already voted. :)

I picked up two from Hillary and one from Bill today.  How flattering!  Maybe 27510 (Carrboro) is considered working class. 

Hillary wore a bright pink suit over the weekend.  The breast cancer color.  I could have done without that.  Otherwise quite feminine.  Fashion police on patrol....  


Hillary supporters are deep deep deep in the closet in Chapel Hill and you only have to read Mark's comment to understand.  Her campaign is obviously skimming the Triangle while Bill hits the small towns and daughter some college campuses.

We shall see...................

I could be called working class, and I believe most of us are racist to some degree. I love the color pink, and I'm voting for Hilary.

I've waited my entire life to see a woman run for president and am thrilled that we've progressed to the point where no one has asked her for a cookie recipe (at least publicly).

BTW, I've had more robo calls from Barack than the Clintons.

I happened to be on Ocracoke the day before and the day after the election. The Clinton robocalls were pouring in there.



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