WCOM on NBC-17

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WCOM, a Carrboro-based radio station run solely by volunteers, is trying to get the word out about its mission and get some more support from the community.

The 100-watt radio station, which broadcasts about five miles, was started in 2004. The content is all community-based with more than 60 shows on the air. The variety of programs range from the local music scene to bilingual to youth programs. And despite the little funding the station has, it broadcasts live on the web 24/7.

But Jackie Helvey, WCOM's website designer, said keeping the place running on virtually no funding or advertising has been quite a challenge. She said many people don't even know the station exists, so getting money can be tough to come by.

"We need underwriting," said Helvey. "We need people willing to donate 15 dollars a month."

But that's not all they could use some help with. The station has a 'wish list' which one of the volunteers wrote by hand. The list has things like bumper stickers, toner and paper, and even air conditioning for the building.

"It's always an issue," said Audrey Layden, a volunteer. "It's 'how can we raise money, how can we attract people to the station?'"

Layden said the station provides an important service for Carrboro.

"It's local, it's meant to respond to the community," she said. 

And she hopes in return, the community will respond to them.

Click here to lean more about WCOM and how to help.




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