New principal hired at Carrboro High

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools just released a statement saying that the School Board selected a new principal for Carrboro High list night. Parents at the brand new school have been feeling shafted as their students have less advanced courses available, and their last principal was let go rather swiftly and unceremoniously. I wonder if people will be more satisfied after this new principal gets settled in.

Kelly Batten was named Principal of Carrboro High School.  Batten currently serves as an assistant principal of the diverse 2,500-student Leesville Road High School in Wake County.  Batten has served in this position for six years.  Prior to entering administration, Batten was a high school social studies teacher at Sanderson High School, also in Wake County. 
Batten holds a bachelor of arts degree in secondary education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He holds two master's degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill as well.  One is in secondary education, while the other is in school administration.  Batten was a North Carolina Teacher Fellow and Principal Fellow.

News release: Board names new CHS Principal, 8/1/08




any idea what the credentials were on the old principal?
Reading between the lines re Jeff Thomas's outster, I gather he caught early flack from parents objecting to the hat policy.  A hat policy nudges on a dress code, and is either the easiest or the hardest part of a dress code to enforce.  The principal's verdict following a racially charged fight has life-changing repercussions.  A one fight / you're out policy lands kids in charter schools or on the street.  Carrboro High got a bunch of bad press in the aftermath of said fight.  Who threw the first punch?  Who said what?  Who among the four kids involved was actually to blame?  Here come the parents probably begging the principal not to expel their child.  Bottom line, Thomas was charged with opening a new high school -- period.  He didn't do anything "wrong" in the process.  This explains, to me at least, the rather sudden and unceremonious nature of his reassignment. 

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