Watch the debate tonight at the Peoples Channel

If you haven’t already made plans, please consider watching tonight’s presidential debate at the Peoples Channel on Elliot Road.

Copied from the Peoples Channel web site

“TPC is opening the airwaves to members of the community to come in the studio to watch the Presidential debates. We will be going LIVE Friday Sept. 26th at 8:30pm with the debate between Sen. John McCain & Sen. Barack Obama
on the big screen.

The community is welcome to come in to
share their thoughts before, during, & after the debates.

Live coverage will go on until 11pm
with rebroadcasts the following day.
Don’t let the corporate pundits have the last word,
come in & tell the community what you think while you watch.

What: TPC Watch & Share of the Presidential Debate LIVE
When: Friday Sept 26th. Doors open at 8pm,
we will broadcast LIVE at 8:30 until 11pm.
Where: TPC Studios 300AC S Elliott Rd Chapel Hill
Please call 919.960.0088 if you have any questions”




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