Roberson Square site for sale

One of downtown Carrboro's new development sites is for sale, putting the project on hold for the time-being. Read more in today's Citizen: Roberson Square site on the market. Do you think more slow-downs and cancellations will occur?


Sorry, but do you have an address for the land being discussed?
I don't know the address, but the site used to be Andrews Riggsbee Hardware, just south of Open Eye Cafe.
Carrboro is in for a bit of a shake-up.  They've lost a few businesses recently, a few more are leaving soon, and there are rumors about more leaving/closing soon-ish. 
The Roberson Square property is at 201 South Greensboro Street.
Ah, the former Andrews-Riggsbee location.  Will this prime real estate be packaged with Roberson Square, or eliminated from the overall design?  If pre-packaged, this would seem to be a huge monkey-wrench.  I was hoping to see that development go forward much more swiftly than 301 East Main ... but that particular address/site has always had problems ranging from environmental to contractual. 

As I understand it, the only thing for sale is 201 S Gboro St (formerly Andrews Riggsbee).  That is not to be confused with the project at the entrance to the Roberson Place neighborhood (the long-ago farmers market site).  That site is where The Alberta has been approved to be built.

The owner has not put forward an asking price - from what I hear second hand.


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