Thoughts on Running for Congress

In response to a prior post, and this comment:

I am suspicious that the Republicans may have as a national strategy to identify seemingly Democratic strongholds and fielding candidates with stands that are more progressive than the incumbents (yet more aligned with the constituency) of those districts.  It is unreal that after these 8 years of catastrophic Republican control it is even a question that Republicans may retain control of the Presidency and now .. the House!  

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Republican establishment is currently dominated by the intellectually bankrupt neoconservative philosophy. As with most things, you can find the truth by following the money. My money and support are not coming from the party. They are coming from individual contributors who believe we need a Constitutional federal government that serves American individuals instead of corporate interests.

I'm running for Congress because our country desperately needs a trans-partisan populist revolution. There's a reason the fastest-growing party registration in NC is Unaffiliated -- neither party's Establishment speaks for the people, or the American individual.

My primary concern is economic. People think Price is "helping" when he brings back money from Washington. But Price isn't bringing back money, he's bringing back debt. We are living through the historic unwinding of an unstable, and unsustainable, money and banking system where money IS debt, and new money created for well-meaning projects compounds endlessly as a burden on the people.

We need to take the conversation to a different level if we desire a sustainable future:

Finally, if you're worried about Price losing his influential committe seats... many are worried about what he's doing on those influential committees. For example, he is Chair of the Homeland Security appropriations subcommittee. It should concern all who value our Bill of Rights that Price's second largest PAC donor is the defense industry:

Funny how some still consider him a grandfatherly peace-loving progressive -- the same representative who voted for the PATRIOT Act, HR 1955, sanctions on Iraq that killed at least 500,000 Iraqi children, and continued funding of the occupation of Iraq. He celebrates funding the police state with a new "Institute for Homeland Security Solutions":

 ... and won't think for himself regarding locating a biodisease laboratry (NBAF) in our district's backyard:

Regarding NBAF, he's recently tried to moderate his position by stating he won't form an opinion until the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is released. That position is close to saying that he would prefer not to think for himself, and simply wait until he is told what to think by the government contractors creating the final report.

If you're still wondering if he serves his consitutents or the corporations who fund his campaigns, Price tops it off by bowing to the Administration's Bernanke/Paulson "bailout" plan -- twice:

Regarding the above comment of how one can serve a district with 600,000 residents -- my radical proposal is not polling, going where the wind blows, or bowing to the whims of corporate and special interests. My hypothesis is that we will be better off with principled leadership that serves and protects the rights of the ultimate minority -- the individual:

... and seeks to fulfill the Congressional job description in our United States Constitution.

We are not going to have a future in this country unless We the People make a bold statement in favor of principled leadership. The greatest danger facing our country right now is that there is not enough outrage. If you're happy with the status quo, I'm not your candidate. If you're looking for someone who will blindly caucus along party lines, I'm not your candidate. We must do better.


William (B.J.) Lawson
Congressional Candidate, North Carolina's 4th District


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