A Veterans Responsibility

I suppose I should first say I like many of my fellow veterans and many returning veterans now suffer as does our Senator McCain with the curse of PTSD.   Why is it a curse?   It’s sometimes difficult to maintain an even keel...sometimes life gets too difficult.   But while I am lucid let me say.   It is my fervent hope that citizens of North Carolina honour the Veterans and their contributions to our freedoms on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.   What does November 4th have to do with honouring our Veterans?   First, the obvious that our veterans, retirees, and active duty service men and women have met and are meeting their responsibilities as citizens of this state and country.   Second, this same group represents approximately 10% of the population of this state and as such have a duty to act responsibly and vote!   Third, each member of this group must recognize their responsibility to the group and ignore the racial, prejudicial, and ignorant remarks of some of our fellow citizens and vote for the candidate each of us feels in our heart will be best for our country.   Now is an important time to remember that when we served in Korea, Viet Nam, Panama, Grenada, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, we did not serve as black and white, Republican or Democrat, Christian, Catholic, Jewish or Islamic.   Each of us served as an American!   When some of us received a blood transfusion, we didn’t stop to ask about the donor’s politics, religion, or color.....we simply needed the blood.   When we reported to a new duty station, we didn’t stop and check our leaders color, religion, or politics.....no we wanted to serve under the best leader possible.   So, remember do your fellow servicemen proud, be they active duty, retiree or veterans and vote responsibly for the candidate you feel will be our best leader.  

JP Lloyd

1st Calvary



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