Maps & notices of Chapel Hill development proposals now online

This notice just issued from the Chapel Hill Planning Department:

Information about major development applications and concept plan submittals is now available online at the Town of Chapel Hill website at

The Planning Department has posted informational notices for major development applications and concept plan submittals. The notices announce opportunities for public review and comment, and provide maps showing proposed development locations. A citizen petition recently requested an update on the status of this work. The information will be updated regularly. Development application forms and materials continue to be available online at this same location. Please contact the Planning Department if you have questions at 919-968-2728.



I'm really happy that the Town of Chapel Hill is sharing more information online. But a large amount of it is locked in proprietary formats like PDF. This will be a serious problem in the future when those formats become obsolete and its creator doesn't make it easy to get it out. In the short term this data isn't fully available to be reused in helpful ways.

Here on OP we've seen several examples of how public data can be repurposed to help us understand what's going on out there. From electoral information to Carolina North. By locking in public data the Town is withholding information. Delays in access can have serious consequences in our ability to vote and inform our representatives. At this point I'm not concerned that this data lock-in is malicious. But some time in the near future the Town must create a modern data strategy to match the 21st Century.

So where is that new town website?

PDF is an open format, and as of July 1, 2008 it's an open standard, ISO 32000.

That's good to hear.

Thanks a lot for posting this George.  It is interesting.  Can anyone give me more detail on the retail and commercial plans for the Fraley property at the corner of Weaver Dairy extention and Homestead Road? ThanksJim Rabinowitz

Jim,Below is a description of the proposed project from the Community Design Commission (CDC) concept plan review of this project. The Town Council also reviewed the concept plan. Keep in mind that there has been no formal application for this project yet - the applicant has only brought some ideas forth to get feedback from the Council and the CDC. 


File No. 9870-91-4489

The Town has received a proposal from The Design Response for a Concept Plan Review
for the Fraley Property, located at 2214 and 2312 Homestead Road. The Concept
Plan proposes to demolish two existing single family homes and construct 49,000
square feet for office and retail use and 78,850 square feet for residential
use, for a total of 123,650 square feet of floor area. Two 2-story buildings (office/retail) and 32
townhouse units are proposed on the 9.2-acre site. Parking for 228 vehicles is
also proposed. The proposed development is located on the north side of
Homestead Road, adjacent to Weaver Dairy Road Extension on the west. Access to
the site is proposed from Homestead Road and Weaver Dairy Road Extension. The
site is located in the Residential-2 (R-2) zoning district and the Resource
Conservation District. The site is identified as Orange County Parcel
Identifier Numbers 9870-91-4489 and 9870-91-9528.



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