Jesus Swept @ the Internationlist

The hard work of holiday gift-buying now comes with the chance to do some local good! My new novel, Jesus Swept is available at the Internationalist Book Store in downtown Chapel Hill! One hundred percent of the price of each book sold is being donated to the store.

If you like the idea of fun with religion, Jesus Swept is just the work of fiction you need. It takes place right here in Chapel Hill, with a hefty dose of the North Carolina beachiness thrown in for cosmic communion.

 And every dollar you spend will go to support my favorite bookstore. 


I hope to do a reading at the Internationalist in early January.  In the meantime, please help out the good folks who work there by stopping in to do some shopping. 

I think I will pick it up for the beach/new year's.  Thanks for sharing it, James.

It's a really fun book, if I do say so myself.  Take one to your mom!  (Or at least give her a hug from Jane and me.)


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