Update on the New Spirit

I apologize for my long absence.

Here is an update on what is happening locally, post-Obama campaign, among the folks who want to keep the spirit alive and help make change happen!

Last Sunday, there were three "House Parties" held around the County. One in Carrboro, another in North Carrboro and a third in Hillsborough. (I don't know the total attendance, I was at N. Carrboro and we must have had two dozen or more people.)

When we started, before Thanksgiving, we were sort of groping in the dark for how we were going to organize. It has begun to galvanize, but we are still dealing with communication issues, like too many emails about too many subjects! It reminds me of the early days of the Primary, which is a good thing.

Here are the three major things that are happening right now:

1) At least 10 people signed up to organize a "Yes We Cans" canned-good donation event. I call it an event, but it may be spread out over time. There are folks going to Durham County tonight to see how that County is organizing their version of the campaign. Frankly, I don't know if there are more Counties who have come on board, but we do plan to do canned-good collection to help the food shelves for Orange County. (Sorry, I don't have more information, I'll post again as it begins to solidify.)

2) There are several people who apparently already have met (again, we have some communications issues we are working out) to put something together for Inauguration Day, or more likely that evening. Right now, it is being organized under the title "Inauguration Ball".

3) There is a planning meeting scheduled for January 4th where several of us will be planning a "Summit Meeting" for the County. We see this as potentially a kick-off meeting for the general public. We would hope to gather back many of the folks whom we met during the campaign and some new folks who feel they would like to be part of a movement for change. We are considering the weekend after the Inauguration for the Summit.

Things are happening, despite the season. We are still feeling our way a little bit at a time. In a way, this has all been done before, in another way, I feel like we are on new turf.

The difference that I see (perhaps incorrectly, I don't know) is that instead of having a handful of active people carry the load from election season to election season, people generally feel empowered to join forces and shape our future together. Sounds kinda high-falutin' but that's the best I can make of it.

I do want to acknowledge the people who have responded to my original post of a month ago. I have been away partly because it all seems so overwhelming! That feeling that there is too much to do, so I want to hide away and let somebody else take care of things. Exactly counter to the ideals I expressed, above. There is a shadow-side there. I do often want to hide my head in the sand. I suppose we all do.

Now that things are starting to take shape, I'll make a point of posting more often. There may be some who have an interest in getting involved in the nuts and bolts of what we are doing. Feel free to email me directly.

thank you,






What big "changes" do you expect? I get the excitement of the possibility of change for our future, but I worry a lot of people are going to be disappointed. I'm very hopeful that our country can improve, but I think it will be in much smaller increments than most think.




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