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Public Input/Information Session
3:00 - 7:00 pm, Wednesday, March 4  * Extraordinary Ventures, 110 Elliott Road, Chapel Hill *
A Public Input/Information Session on Carolina North will be held at Extraordinary Ventures, 110 Elliott Road.   Please note that in response to feedback from the public, the times have been modified and the session is now scheduled from 3 pm – 7 pm.
Carolina North is expected to be contained within about 250 acres of the Horace Williams Tract’s 1,000 acres and be built in phases over the next 50 years, as proposed. The property lies just to the north of Estes Drive adjacent to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.   The Town and the University are now engaged in the preparation of a new zoning district and a Development Agreement for the initial phase of Carolina North, expected to be 133 acres to be developed over approximately 20 years.  
At the March 4 session, Town and University staff will show the work and input already received on topics related to development at Carolina North.  Participants will be welcome to review that information and provide additional input during the session.
Topic Sessions: These sessions will include a brief presentation of background materials related to planning and regulating growth at Carolina North.  The public participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and will be asked to provide their input for communication to the Town Council and the University Board of Trustees as they continue their discussions for the preparation of a Development Agreement for Carolina North.
1.       3-4 PM                  Topic 1: Environmental Standards
Summary of the Ecological Assessment for Carolina North
Current activities at Carolina North
2.       4-5 PM                  Topic 2: Energy Conservation
Summary of the University’s Carbon goals
Carolina North proposal for energy conservation
3.       5-6 PM                  Topic 3: Traffic and Transportation
Summary of the Long Range Transit Plan
What’s in a TIA? (Transportation Impact Analysis)
4.       6-7 PM                  Topic 4: Stormwater Management
The Town of Chapel Hill’s Stormwater Program
The University’s Stormwater Management Program
For more information, contact the Town of Chapel Hill Planning Department at (919) 968-2728 or  Additional material is posted online at



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