Congrats to Ruby and Brian

OK. We need to get a thread going to congratulate Ruby on a job well done.


Good job, Ruby!  Hooray for a little boy!  :)

Our son Isidore Ellis Russell Sinreich was born Friday morning at the birthing center on MLK Blvd. in Chapel Hill.

Moderation (approval) of anonymous comments will be minimal for the next few weeks. :-)

to you and Brian as you embark on your new great adventure!

Ruby & Brian,Congratulations to both of you and a hearty welcome to your son.

I want pictures now, dammit! 

... and a good night's sleep soon!

Isidore, Ruby, Brian and the Mighty TarHeels!!


I'm so happy for the three of you!

Welcome to little Izzy!!  This is great news.  Love c. 

Congratulations! James Coley

This is just great - Isidore is a lucky boy to have you two as parents - so glad all is well. Yipee!!!

what is the smallest size NCAA 2009 men's championship hat and T available?

Did he decide which board he wants to serve on yet? Did he enjoy the basketball rout or did he sleep through it?

My first thought was wondering if he had his own Twitter feed yet?  Congratulations to all three of you.

The school board might be of interest to him soon, or maybe Parks and Rec. ;-)(And I think enjoyed the championship BY sleeping though it.)

will save you lots of political worry & likely provide him the most nurturing and natural educational experience. And you. Brian, and your son will have a way more fulfilling experience. It's superior in every way - at least through elementary school.

Welcome to the world Isidore.

Congratulations Ruby and Brian! And Isidore for a good choice in parents!


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