May 2nd Blogger Bash

Hello everyone.

This is an update on the May 2 BlueNC Blogger Bash. It's shaping up to be a neat event. Based on RSVPs received so far, we expect somewhere between 30 and 300 people. :)

Seriously, we're planning to feed 40 to 50, but can change that number up to the day before. There's no need to bring food, but please bring your friends and family. The Bash is 100% kid friendly, with a lake for boating and swimming, and lots of room to run around.

As you may know, the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner will take place later that evening in Durham. The JJ reception starts at 5:30. If you're planning to attend, feel free to come by the Bash and make it a whole day of politicking. It's always fun to meet people behind the screen names in the North Carolina blogosphere.

Last year's Bash was an extravaganza of candidates, and some will be on hand again this year. But mostly this is a chance for North Carolina's blogging and new media communities to come together and get to know one another.

Also this year, we'll be giving out the first ever BlueNC Bulldog Awards. That's something you won't want to miss.

Date: May 2
Time: 2 to 6 pm
Cost: Five bucks

The event will take place at 451 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill.





I live 1 mile from there... I was originally thinking there was no way I could make it since I have to work that day, but since that is 1 mile from where I live, I might be able to swing it after all even if I couldn't attend the whole event.  I don't know yet, but when it gets a little closer I may swing back by the RSVP thread.

 Also, you should consider making a facebook event for it too on the BlueNC group:

I check facebook as regularly as any e-mail, so having an event there would make it easy to remember.


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