NC against H8

I couldn't find any events in NC, so I'm making one.

If anyone is nearby and has 8 minutes to spare, I'm going down to the Court House (symbolic right?) in down town Chapel Hill across from the university. I figure the most open minded part of this state has to have some kind of event.

I've still got my sign from the November protests, and I've got some equality NC brochures that we could pass out. I'm going even if I have to stand alone. Its a little muggy, but I think the rain has cleared up. If there are any other North Carolinians who want to stand with our family & friends & allies in California, then feel free to meet me down their at 8.

Its a work night for me, gotta be up at 5:00 am, so I can't stay down there long, but I think we can at least muster this symbolic gesture for our allies in California.



Standing by the road in front of the Chapel Hill Courthouse in protest of the court ruling upholding Prop 8's ban on marriage equality.Holding up the sign & passing out brochures (I'm on the far right)

I would have joined you.  I checked out Day of Decision yesterday afternoon and didn't see any actions happening in the Triangle. Thanks for being out there and joining the hundred or so other communities speaking out in solidarity with our friends in California. is a promo commercial for the Definition of Marriage story that WRAL is doing tomorrow at 6 that I was interviewed for.  You can see a few of my wedding & reception pictures mixed in that ad as well as our wedding cake.  I hope the story turns out well.  I've done live & pre-recorded radio both statewide & locally many times before, but you always have more content control there... especially when it is live.  This is only my 2nd time appearing on local television news, and you never know how it is going to turn out.

Following the mean logic of the so called"Christian" right

The economic crash in California will only get worse untill the people do God's will and over turn Prop 8

Jacquie Gist 

An old high school buddy of mine heard about this event & decided to get in on it by organizing one in Greensboro this weekend.Full event details here:     Saturday, June 6, 2009Time:     1:00pm - 5:00pmLocation:     Greensboro's Governmental Plaza (In front of the cop/kid statue)Street:     Washington StreetCity/Town:     Greensboro, NC anyone can help out by clicking at the bottom to vote for it as a hot topic, that would be awesome (you don't need to have an account set up there to do that, I believe anyone can)And if you had a minute to sign up for an account & leave a comment at the bottom on the GOLO (Go Local) link, so that the WRAL viewers can see that some people do support marriage equality, it would really help out.  Thanks!  =)Also for anyone with a DailyKos account wants to recommend, comment, or add tips, you can do so here:

 Is anyone doing anything special to remember or in honor of this date? 

I'm celebrating by rereading Kushner's essential "A Socialism of the Skin" (totally gay) and by watching the finals of the Confederations Cup (a little gay).

Sunday marked the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which sparked the modern gay rights movement.  Yesterday Obama gave a speech commemorating the anniversary & addressing the progress that has been made & is yet to be made in the gay rights movement.Today is the last day of LGBT Pride Month for this year.Here is the video of Obama's speech:

I didn't want to start a new thread since we have municipal elections to focus on before getting into the 2010 elections, and because I was coming at this from an LGBT equality angle & didn't think it necessarily warrent a whole new diary.  That said, here's the scoop: Kenneth Lewis is the first candidate to declare on the democratic side of the 2010 senate race here in NC.'ve learned about his campaign largely from & so I wanted to share a clip from their story:"Can he win? The Lewis for Senate campaign is about more than having a compelling
personal story or a long history of community service. Kenneth has a
realistic idea of the energy and time it takes to run a statewide
campaign. He has experience raising money and proved he can raise money
by pulling in $109,000 in 21 days. Instead of waiting to see who else
might jump in, he stepped up to lead early and he committed to a
strong, viable campaign by taking the step to hire Joe Trippi, a
pioneer in internet fundraising and messaging."Kenneth also answered some of my lgbt equality questions about DADT, ENDA, and marriage equality. In answering user submitted questions I'm not sure that the full
text of the questions were relayed.  They are certainly paraphrased in
the response.’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

I’m a firm believer that we should not discriminate against people.
That’s part of my core belief structure. We have men and women of all
sexual orientations serving in the military. The idea that we would
remove an officer or anyone because of his or her sexual orientation is
abhorrent to me.

Employee Non-Discrimination Act?

I have not read the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, but I will repeat
that I do not believe we should discriminate against people because of
their sexual orientation.

Civil Marriage?

I understand people and their religious beliefs and I respect that very
much and I would not want to do anything that infringes upon someone
exercising their religion, but with respect to government actions and
as a society of people who have a variety of faiths and non-faiths, I
do not believe we should discriminate.

  I urge you to check out the BlueNC link to see the rest of his responses & interview. Courage Campaign, a leading lgbt group in CA, is deciding whether to bring a repeal of prop 8 to the ballot in 2010 or 2012. Their polls show the majority want 2010. The only question is can they afford to. And that’s a decision that has to be made now. Please donate whatever you can by the 13th. I will too. Prop 8 messed up my original wedding plans. Don’t stay on the sidelines of discrimination. End this now!  ---------- Somewhat relatedly, I'm happy to to see the racial justice act passed =)

(edited: took out organizing info since its over, replaced with link with my pictures from/description of the event)   


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