Kudos to local literacy activists

At the Democratic party meeting last week, Susan Romaine and Gloria Romerez talked about their book collecting/distributing project in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Orange County Literacy Council. Susan and Gloria have done such an amazing job that I want to let you know of their work.

They have collected over 7,000 books for needy local children, with more donations coming in. Most of the books have already been distributed to places that will impact low-income children and adults.

Susan and Gloria are adding books to Table http://www.tablenc.org/. These children will now receive their own new book in addition to food donations!

Thanks are due to Borders Books for their generous participation. It is my strong belief that partnership between business and community can strengthen literacy, and this program is the proof. They still have books - reply to me for Susan's contact email if you know of a place they would be useful.



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