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This news has been posted in a previous thread. 

Actually, there is some new news in that article, namely where Bill Strom moved to after he left Chapel Hill andl also that he bought a condo in New York City.  So altogether we now know:June 10 -- Bill Strom sold his CH house as per Orange County records.July 17 -- The final day for Bill Strom's seat to be put on the November ballot.July 29 -- Bill Strom announced his resignation from CH TC, effective Aug 1.Aug 5 -- Bill Strom bought a condo in NYC and the place he lived previous to that was Todd, NC. We don't know where he lived after Jun 10 or when he moved to Todd, NC or when he decied to leave CH.

but the news media (Chapel Hill News in particular) decided it would be more entertaining and controversial not to mention those details.

...on DSI Witness News"  Just got that as a tweet from WCHL 1360, and a second one that says "Tune into DSI Witness News to hear Bill Strom's secret plan during today's Evening News at 5 p.m."I hate to be dense, but what is DSI Witness News?  I assume it's on the radio?  We don't have TV...should I phone a friend for couch space?  I'd hate to miss the spilling of secrets.  :)  

I wish there were a "sheepish grin" emoticon.  Picture one here.  I feel very foolish, and I dont' even have a second "F" in my last name that stands for "foolish"!I am now the kind of person who believes Onion articles...and who publishes satire as truth.   Sorry friends.

I posted a thing on Facebook about how we should protest the socialist fire departments (ie, they are just like a public health insurance option), and 2 cousins of mine who  are married to a firefighter and an EMT threw quite the fit about how I shouldn't speak bad about firefighters....

*Correction to this story: Bill and Jennifer Strom listed their vacation home in Todd, North Carolina as their current address when purchasing their Manhattan apartment. The word "previous" is an editorial error that WCHL News apologizes for. After selling their Chapel Hill house on June 10th, the Stroms moved to 24 Banbury Lane in Chapel Hill. Upon doing so, Bill Strom made a formal change of address to his voter registration card. On August 1, the Strom's moved to Todd, North Carolina where they are currently residing.*

I don't undersand the point of the correction.  When they bought the condo in Manhattan, they "previously" lived in Todd, NC, and they "currently" lived in Todd, NC, since they obviously hadn't just bought a place somewhere else and then bought another place in Manhattan.The official story obvously is that he lived on Greenwood in CH until he sold it on June 10 and then he lived on Banbury until Aug 1, at which time he formally changed his address to Todd, NC, and then bought a condo in NYC on Aug 5.  Did he actually live in CH until Aug 1?  Well to find out you would have had to go there and check, right?  And if you went to check you'd have been greeted with as you turned onto Banbury Ln was a sign that says "Private Drive.'   I don't know the intricacies of the law, which BTW is what people that weasel by on legalities count on, so upon seeing that sign I turned around and left.  But I've seen similar sittuations in CH/C many tmies.  How can these exist?  If a road is a town road then anyone should be able do go on it.  Or if a road is a private driveway then nobody should be able to go on it except those that live there or those with permission, and it shouldn't be given a road name since after all, it's a driveway, not a road.  How can a road be a town road and have a green sign with its name, etc, but only be open to those that lve on it? Anyway, the two aspects of this are  "Can you catch me legally?" which we can't as of now, and "Can you catch me technichally?" which like many other cases nobody will ever be able to do absent a mea culpa.   As a side note, some people on here try to campiagn for non-voters to start voting more.  And I get the impression that many of these same folks have similar political positions to Bill Strom.  If those folks think anybody that was previously uninformed and uninterested are going to learn about what is going on recently and then _not_  purposely avoid voting for Bill Strom-related candidates, then you're kidding yourself.  It stinks, rotten, and keeping it as under wraps as possible, which is what the first person that responded in this thread tried to do by sayng it's already been covered despite the new info, is the wisest possible strategy, politically-speaking, that is. Morally-speaking is an entire other issue. The strangest thing about all this is that it would have been easy for Bill Strom to completely dismiss any legal questions on this issue by just waitning another month until he moved.  Or it would have been easy for him to move when he did and be completely above board about it.  I mean, even if Bill Strom resigned in time, then what happens?  Someome probably similar to him is voted in in November.  Or if the person is slightly different then in the general election in 2011 someone else is elected?  So what?  The strangest things about this aren't the shennanigans but rather that it appears that the shennanigans weren't at all necessary.


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