Children need to become critical thinkers and life-long learners

A parent asked me about a comment I made at a forum regarding how our children will change careers often and need to be able to learn, relearn, unlearn and relearn.  Jobs of the future will demand our children be life-long learners and critical thinkers.  As a follow up to that question, I want to share with you this video called "what does this all mean".



That's not bad but a lot of it is dramatic claims with dramatic music in the background, the sum total of which says "Believe what this says."  Better yet, let's teach kids how to tell the difference between truth and BS rather than telling them that how dramatically something is said determines whether it's true.  I haven't investigated all the claims that video makes but for one, how about the part that says that says new knowledge turns over every two years and consequently that someone that starts in a four year tech program is completely out of touch after two years, or something like that?   Isn't the knew knowledge discovered the cutting edge stuff rather than the basic stuff?  In how many fields are the fundamentals you learned in your first two years completely obsolete by your last two years?  Almostnone.  It's just BS. Here is a video that talks about how to actually tell the difference yourself between BS and non-BS, althought it may be beyond the level of schoolkids.

Okay, so apparently I mis-typed the big, long youtube link.  So instead, go to and click on the Baloney Detection Kit video.  It's probaby too in depth for school kids but something more age-appropriate would be good.  As children become adults over time we need to teach them how to think, not what to think.


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