Pundit of the Year 2009

It's about that time, y'all.  LIke it or not, the election is a few days away. It's time for our annual contest to see who is the biggest political nerd in Orange County. Click here to take the 2009 Pundit of the Year survey.

Zazzle modelSubmissions are open until 7:30 pm on Tuesday. Results will be announced by Thursday night. The grand prize - in addition to the obvious fame and adulation - will be a free OP t-shirt or hat in the size and color of your choosing.

Anyone who predicts the winners correctly will be announced here (unless requested otherwise) and whoever comes closest to predicting the ORDER of the winners will be named the Pundit of the Year.

You can play anonymously, but don't you want to take credit for your analytical prowess? Give it a shot! (Remember: vote for who you think will win, not who you want to win.)


I wanted to register my predictions before I had the chance to see the rest of yours (as the owner of the survey). Bring it on!

I have done this very year since I discovered OP. This year, I am going to win the tee shirt.Thanks Ruby 

You had better win Penny, I've got my chances at a shirt riding on it!

I left Chapel Hill before any of the current candidates got involved in Chapel Hill politics. This morning at a transit meeting, George C asked me who I thought was going to win. I told him I had absolutely no idea.  At a Durham Chamber of Commerce meeting last week, county commisioner Ellen Reckhow asked how I could be on the Raleigh Transit Authority when I lived in Chapel Hill. I told her I left 25 years ago. She said she did not know that. Nonetheless, I filled out the survey and made my predictions.  Here's my comments on the Mayoral race: Mark K: heir to many generations of progressive Chapel Hill leadership. Quiet campaign. Foy endorsement will help.Matt Cz: stalking horse (trojan horse?) for a viewpoint.  Attracts some progressives who attach importance to process issues and what they see (sometimes correctly) as arrogance and ineffectiveness.Augustus C: Bizarre right-wing remarks from 2008 congressional campaign. Very pro-transit. GOP candidate will siphon votes from MattCKevin Wolff: Makes Bozo the Clown look good. Homophobic innuendo likely to help MarkK.  Also a GOP candidate, as if that mattered  

Only 18 folks have taken the survey so far. You still have a chance to win fame and fortune - especially now that you can take the survey with knowledge of how the Chapel Hill candidates are polling!


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