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Does the town of Chapel Hill have a code of ethics?  For my ethics class in my Public Administration program I need to extensively review a public or non-profit's code of ethics.  I've found this below, but I need something a little more substantive than 3 paragraphs.. at least a full page or two or more.  I've been search the Town of Chapel Hill website to no avail, but I figure maybe some other OPers might have more experience using the (semi-recently redesigned) website and could point me in the right direction.  Thanks for any help anyone can provide!


Ethics Guidelines for Town Advisory Boards and Commissions
Members of advisory boards and commissions shall not discuss, advocate, or vote on any matter
in which they have a conflict of interest or an interest which reasonably might appear to be in
conflict with the concept of fairness in dealing with public business. A conflict of interest or a
potential conflict occurs if a member has a separate, private, or monetary interest, either direct or
indirect, in any issue or transaction under consideration. Any member who violates this
provision may be subject to removal from the board or commission.

If the advisory board or commission member believes he/she has a conflict of interest then that
member should ask the advisory board or commission to be recused from voting. The advisory
board or commission should then vote on the question on whether or not to excuse the member
making the request. In cases where the individual member or the advisory board or commission
establishes a conflict of interest, then the advisory board or commission member shall remove
themselves from the voting area.

Any advisory board or commission member may seek the counsel of the Town Attorney on
questions regarding the interpretation of these ethics guidelines or other conflict of interest
matters. The interpretation may include a recommendation on whether or not the advisory board
or commission member should excuse himself/herself from voting. The advisory board or
commission member may request the Town Attorney respond in writing.
Advisory board and commission applicants shall agree to comply with the ethics guidelines as
stated above.
I, pledge to comply with the ethics guidelines for
advisory boards and commissions as adopted by the Chapel Hill Town Council.
________________________________________________ _______________
Applicant's Signature Date
(Please Print)
Phone #
Advisory Board or Commission




...but if you want it let me know!  :)

organization that I have worked with, or desire to work for, or have some familiarity with or connection to... and I'm not a yoga man =p  I appreciate the offer tho

I'm going to run that by the prof to see if he'll let me do it on that one. In the mean time I'm open to any other suggestions people might have.

as was the one I posted before. I couldn't find one anywhere for non-profit advocacy groups like the ACLU or Equality NC. If anyone knows of any codes of ethics for town or county gov in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, or Orange County, let me know!  I'm going to keep researching myself as well.  Thanks!


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