Millhouse, Eubanks, Rogers Rd - again ...

Been reading for awhile, this is my first blog post on this forum ...

If you have driven down Millhouse Road in the last couple of days you may have noticed the signs opposing the siting of the Waste Transfer Station. When the CH Town Council decided not to offer the pie-shaped slice of land near the Town Operations Center many of us who live, work, or send our kids to school in that area breathed a sigh of relief. But we also knew that Orange County had their sights on a second property ...

Just across Millhouse Road from the Town Operations Center, is a 10-acre tract of land called the Pardafar property. This parcel was purchased by the County a couple of years ago with Park and Recreation funds, and is directly north and adjacent to the existing landfill, and directly south and adjacent to the large Blackwood tract purchased by the County for a soccer park. The purchase of the Pardafar property was intended to consolidate the county's holdings in that area for the eventual construction of the soccer park.

In the County's expensive and time-consuming site-selection process, this site was ruled out for the same reason the TOC was - too small. But when the site-selection process started leading us to the edges of the county far from the waste centroid (Site 056 in Bingham), the site selection criteria changed  - now 10 acres was big enough. Did the county turn the crank again to look at all sites it had previously discarded based on this criteria? Nope. They opened the process to one additional site "within eyeshot of the town operations center" (County Manager Clifton). One additional site.

So now the favored site is

  1. Essentially an extension of the existing landfill (didn't the county decide TWICE not to place  the WTS on the existing landfill in recognition of the undue burden this neighborhood has carried for 37 years?) 
  2. Directly adjacent to a future soccer park
  3. Less than 1/2 mile from a school
  4. Less than 1/2 mile from the new condos/apartments going up on Eubanks Road
  5. Chosen in isolation without regard to the much-bally-hooed, vaunted and expensive process

Is anyone else bothered by this turn of events?? 



and will be at the BoCC meeting on Tuesday the 17th to make sure they know.  7pm Southern Human Services Center.


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