Happy New Year 2010!!!

Before going to bed on this first day of the new year I wanted to take a moment to say Happy New Year to all my friends & fellow bloggers on Orange Politics.  It has been a busy year in local politics, and national politics too.  Here is a rather optomistic view of the president's first year in office.  I for one think there is a lot more work to be done, but I think it is far from a bad start:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/1/1/820494/-Where-we-were,-and-where-we-are

Happy New Year!!!  How did you celebrate?  What resolutions did you make?  How will the glasses "0" shortage be solved?

As you can see, the "double 0" glasses crisis has been averted for a year by centering 2010! with a exclamation point, but we must demand more sustaintable solutions.


We had a small party at my place with food, drinks, games, some Mario Kart wii, and of course watching the ball drop.


Make any resolutions?  For me, besides the ubiquitous staying in shape that I think everyone makes, I'm going to try to get a little more involved in local politics.  It feels like it is always a little easier to follow national & statewide elections because they get so much more attention, but after living & working in Orange County for several years now & getting involved with several different campaigns & causes over the last few years I want to be more involved in my adopted home town & home county.  And of course to do well in grad school with my second semester starting soon.  What are your resolutions?



Nice to see your NYE photos here Jake - I particularly like that first one with all the people in those goofy glasses ; )I agree with your New Year's resolution to get more involved in local politics. I would like to do the same. This is my first step (first time writing on this OP blog!).Molly De Marco 

Maybe we can hold each other to that getting more involved resolution, because they staying in shape resolution isn't going so well... Ted has already talked me into a big Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen breakfast once this year, and I fear he will do it again soon!   I've been thinking about this more (the involved in local politics part, not the Sunrise Breakfast part... I'm always thinking about that) and for my Public Administration graduate school program I have to do some kind of internship this summer which can be with any number of non-profits, any level of government, or with elected officials offices... I'm leaning more towards local government.I'm going to start researching it myself, but if anyone knows of any summer internship possibilities (non-paid internships included) with local government, whether it be Chapel Hill, Carrboro, or County gov, let me know!

I will not support any candidates who support the Iraq or Af-Pak war.  

I can very much respect even if it is not one I'm making myself.My preference would to be to end the wars sooner and without a surge, but for better or worse I still have faith in this president enough that I trust his judgement as commander in chief.  While a surge isn't something I wanted to happen, I don't see it as completely unreasonable with the idea of building capacity before getting out on a time-table.  I think the word "time-table" is the reason I can still have faith.  I remember how much the left fought for that word under the last administration & how resistant they were to it. With the 2011 time-table if we are out of Iraq & making significant progress getting out of Afghanistan (which is a war I think we should get out off, but isn't unjust on the same level as the Iraq war) by next year then the president wont have lost my vote for re-election based on this issue.Now if the time-table for withdrawal for next year isn't lived up to, then I think my candidate support will start being affected more significantly, but for now I can support any candidate who falls in the range of "get out now" to "get out on a 2011 time-table" which still rules out most republican candidates who are opposed to a time-table altogether.

They are for oil and natural gas, to enrich the arms dealers (U.S. corps hold 70% of global arms trade) & to project the power of the Empire. They are pure evil. Anyone who supports candidates who support these wars has blood on their hands.


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