The Carrboro Greenway Commison wants a greenway!

That may seem like an obvious statement but what it means in reality is that a few of the members of the Carrboro Greenway Commision think that the goal of the commission is to implement a greenway regardless of whether or not it will harm the environment.

When commision member Salli Benedict asked to include some more questions she had about the impact a paved trail would have on the ecosystem there was an attempt by George Daniel, the chair, to shut her down. Dave Otto also made a snyde remark saying that it was somehow a useless document because some of the views were shared by members of Save Bolin Creek. (At this point I would like to add that Dave Otto thinks his role on the commision is a combabtive one; to fight against the forces who do not want a paved greenway. He remarked to another commision member before the meeting that Julie McClintock was "rallying the troops" by informing people on the Save Bolin Creek Blog of their views and asking people to attend the meeting. Why does he want to quiet these people?)

When outrage grew from the audience attending, others on the commission objected and asked to let Salli either speak or let the items be submitted to the Board of Alderman. George Daniel quickly backtracked saying she should be allowed to speak but then took up 30 minutes of the meeting with a virtual filibuster regarding how she should speak.

But Salli was eventually heard and the issues she brought up brought up issues for the Morgan Creek plan as well and it will be send to the Board of Alderman.

The truth is that the Carrboro Greenway Commission is a commission to find the truth as to what is the best way to develop a greenway. What is not included in this discussion is whether or not a greenway should be built at all, which is not the role of the commission, but maybe a role for the Board of Alderman, or maybe a whole new commission.

I also want to add that the new concerns were forwarded to the Alderman because people showed up to the commision's meeting and spoke up. They did not blog about it. The spoke live about it. 




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