Mark and Mark make the pitch to Google

It has come to my attention that not all of you have seen the video that the Mayors of Chapel Hill and Carrboro made to convince Google to bring their fiber optic network to southern Orange County. It's really super cheesy, but a nice effort was made. I kind of think it would have been more engaging if the mayors weren't so scripted (not like either of them needs help gabbing) and if it showed some of the parts of the community that would benefit from high-speed Internet. 

Here's the video...

You can see the rest of Chapel Hill's Google campaign at



Thanks for sharing the vid -- I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a true alternative to Time Warner.And yeah, watching Kleinschmeidt talk about redundant signal paths was pretty funny.  He might as well have been reading a foreign language.  And the James Taylor bit is legitimately cringe-worthy.Speaking of Google, anybody read about the coalition they're forming to advocate for updating civil privacy laws for modern communications technologies?  Awesome stuff.  Some of the stats on government requests for cell phone information -- under Bush and even more under Obama -- are spine-chilling.


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