Orange County Partnership to End Homelessness

A question has been raised about the Orange County Partnership to End Homeless. The Partnership completed its plan in 2007 and has 5 goals:

     Reduce Chronic Homelessness

     Increase Employment

     Prevent Homelessness

     Increase Access to Services

     Increase Public Participation in Ending Homelessness

The 2009 Annual Report will be released in May and will highlight the progress made towards  those goals. This annual report can be found on the Partnership's website. Any member of our executive team would be happy to answer further questions about the partnership and its work.



Thanks for responding, Sharon. I looked over your links and couldn't find a plan that describes what the Partnership will provide to those out in the cold the first night the new shelter is at capacity.

I think that is something that is of direct concern in the current conversation.

I see you are working with church groups directly.

Is there any discussion about a men's urban mission group in each church offering  facilities and immediate support to a certain number of men (>5) if called by Chris Moran on a "white flag night"?

I think that might help - we can't just push all this onto the government agency - and one part of town.

What do you think? Again, thanks for coming forward. It's not easy.


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