The Children’s University closes after money troubles, state investigations

Just a heads up on some shenanigans at a Chapel Hill preschool over near Ephesus Church Road. We just posted the story on the Indy's Triangulator blog.




What an unfortunate story. My nephew attends this preschool (well, he used to) and I started hearing stories about the craziness a few weeks ago although it went back many months. Apparently the owner sold the business but then the deal fell through and no-one even knew who was in charge for a while. It's especially bad to hear that children's well-being was being compromised by her incompetence, but I also wish more teachers and parents would speak up when they see obvious problems like the ratios being off. It doesn't take a detective to notice that kind of thing. (At my son's daycare, I try to hang around until I see the right number of teachers in the room for the number of kids.)

Went back much longer than months.  My 5 YO went there when it was still WEE CARE.  It was sold and became Children's University just as we left nearly 3 years ago, and it was going well downhill then.  We looked at it for our now 18 month old and did NOT go there a year and a half ago because we heard so many bad things from the teachers, many of whom left.  I am so glad we went elsewhere.  Sad sad sad. 


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